a Vedic reference to Siva

mrabe at artic.edu mrabe at artic.edu
Sat Oct 28 00:52:20 UTC 1995

Thank you, Professors Witzel, Magnone and others who replied directly to my
request for identification of Vedic references to Rudra/[Siva]/

>The answer is easy if one knows the word for "spiral braided hair" =
>The first part of the quotation is Rgveda 1.114.5, from a hymn to Rudra,
>the Vedic predecessor of Shiva:
>                 divo' varaaha'm aruSa'm kapardi'nam
>                 tveSa'M  ruupa'M na'masaa ni' hvayaamahe |
>The second part is from some other hymn, and takes much more time to
>identify. It is not part of this hymn or the other Rgvedic one (6.5.52) with
>the rare word kapardin in the accusative (also not in later Vedic texts as a
>brief survey of Vishwa Bandhu's Vedic Word Concordance easily allows to
>say.NB that the hymn or verse is not quoted later one...).
>Also not found in the Rudra chapters of the Yajurveda, e.g.
>Taittiriya Samhita sqq. --- TS 4.5.10 gives a good list of such
>including the standard one: not to hurt bidpeds and quadrupeds which somes
>close to the above.


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