samaveda (accompaniment in!)

J.Napier J.Napier at unsw.EDU.AU
Thu Oct 26 06:11:03 UTC 1995

In reading general histories of Indian music one almost inevitably finds 
reference to the ancient practice of accompanying the performance of the 
samaveda with various musical instruments, even though this is completely 
at odds with contemporary performance practice. Naradiyasiksa 1.6.1-2 does 
note that some sama-chanters use the gatravina, but this has been shown by 
Rowell in his Music and Musical Thought in Ancient India (1992: 87) to be, 
as its name suggest, a metaphor for the human body.

I would be interested in any other views, or further information, on this 

Thanking you

John Napier
University of New South Wales
Sydney Australia

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