why sanskrit?

KWEGMAN at vax1.miu.edu KWEGMAN at vax1.miu.edu
Wed Oct 25 15:58:58 UTC 1995

I am currently writting a proposal that would ultimately (ideally) bring the
study of sanskrit to a wider audience.  In support of this proposal I am
seeking input from sanskritists here on the list. What I would like to know is:

1) Why do you feel the study of sanskrit is important?  

2) Based on (1), why is sanskrit not more widely studied? (any statistics
regarding this point, for example, graduate sanskrit drop-out rates, would be

If you don't mind being quoted, please include your name and credentials and/or

It would be greatly appreciated if you could include in a response
any resources: books, papers, or quotes which remark on
the virtues of the sanskrit language and its study.

Please don't feel obligated to a lengthy reply, even brief answers can be
Thank you in advance for your support!

Keith Wegman


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