WIN's Entrepreneurial Initiative -- An Invitation

kalluri at dahlgren-19.Eng.Sun.COM kalluri at dahlgren-19.Eng.Sun.COM
Wed Oct 25 16:29:50 UTC 1995


I am an observer on this group, and couldn't help but notice the
strong reaction to some junk mail that has been sent here.  If I
could make one suggestion, when junk mail is posted to the group
it is best to send a short message expressing your feelings to
the originator.  I got a quick reply from the person who sent the
the Entrepreneurial Initiative mail (follows).

Then, there will be others that hide their email addresses. The
only thing to do here is to ignore the message.

Please excuse the interruption.

R. Kalluri

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Date: Mon, 23 Oct 1995 19:39:32 -0400
From: biswanath halder <bhalder at>
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Subject: Re: WIN's Entrepreneurial Initiative -- An Invitation

	   I had no idea what the "Indology" group was all about.  Now 
	that I know, I am not going to post anything to this mail alias 
	any more.

	   Sorry for the inconvenience.

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