Alert! replying to commercials

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at
Mon Oct 23 18:19:57 UTC 1995

Please note that the return address for the recent intrusive commercials
that have been posted to INDOLOGY is INDOLOGY itself.  So if you feel
justifiable annoyance and hit the "r" key to pen a rebuke, the rebuke
doesn't go to the perpetrators, but to all your fellow sufferers, making
them suffer eveb more.  And if you included the original message as a
way of filling up the perpertrators mailbox, you actually fill up your
own and those of all other members of INDOLOGY.

Aaarrgh!  Not what you intended at all!

And then, you might think that the b!!!!!! people are sending you the
message again, so you respond even more angrily, ....

So when we get these unwelcome, commercial splashes in the placid lake
of INDOLOGY, please let's make sure that if we throw a stone back, we
throw it at the person standing on the shore, and not back into the lake.

Dominik Wujastyk


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