Is CSX the best solution?

d.keown at d.keown at
Fri Oct 20 11:26:49 UTC 1995

At 10:22 20/10/95 BST, Dominik Wujastyk wrote:

 >There are several excellent free and commercial fonts available that use
>the CSX character layout.  The free ones (both in PostScript and
>TrueType formats) are available via the INDOLOGY gopher/ftp/Web site
>(see, and follow the menus
>to "supplementary gopher, software").

Does anyone know of a font with Romanized diacritics (free or commercial)
that will embed successfully in an Adobe Acrobat PDF document? I've
experimented with both HACC Indic and CS Bitstream Charter without success. 

Damien Keown


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