Is CSX the best solution?

Thu Oct 19 08:44:08 UTC 1995

On Thu, 19 Oct 1995, John Richards wrote:
> copying/pasting it into the dialog box. But both these methods are
> slow and cumbersome for more than the odd word. (I speak, of course,
> as must be obvious, as a PC Windows user.)

> There is also the advantage that text CAN be typed in direct, without
> the use of either ALT-numeric-key or Templates/Macros. At times, and in
> some circumstances, and for computer-beginners, this can be quite a
> considerable advantage.
> I can see the advantages of the CSX system, in its fulness and, not
> least in the fact that it is now becoming quite widely accepted (by
> myself as much as by others), but I am not sure that this issue has been
> widely discussed, and it might be useful to throw it open for review.
Why go through the keyboard or phonetic interfaces?

I designed and a new york publisher has brought out a CD-ROM with 1500+
fonts for all South asian language scripts incuding Sanskrit. The design
features are:

ANSI character set for all the glyphs required.

Windows (e.g. MS Word 6.0 has a feature Insert, Symbol) brings up the
chart on the document screen. User can point and click on the desired glyph,
as in hand-writing. The clicked glyph zooms and pops out and enters the 
document. There is built-in intelligence to align the diacritical glyphs
at correct locations of the preceding principal glyph.

This provides the foundation for the next key design feature: portability,
dbase, spreadsheed, graphics, internet etc. This was presented in an
international conference on applicationof information technology for south
asian languages of the computer society of india; I was the keynote speaker.

Ease of use is so pronounced with direct graphical user interface that even
an ASCII based ISCII standard phonetic keyboard is eliminated.

For further details, contact Scanrom Publications, New York; 
73760,1005 at; tel. 1-516-295-2237, 1-800-269-2237; fax. 

Dr. S. Kalyanaraman
Indus Sarasvati Research Centre,
20 Warren Road, Mylapore, Madras 600004, India
tel. 91-44-493-6288; fax. 91-44-499-6380; email: 
mdsaaa48 at

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