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Tue Oct 17 05:06:26 UTC 1995

>seeking information on upcoming sanskrit conferences for 1995, 96, and 97; in
>particular the World Sanskrit Conference or, in general, any conference whose
>primary subject matter is sanskrit or the Vedic literature.  Your response is
>much appreciated in advance.  Please send to:   kwegman at
Probably others are also interested to know that:

The Xth World Sanskrit Conference is to be held in Bangalore, India from
3-9 January 1997 (sic). The first announcement was sent on 16 June 1995.
The address to write is: Secretariat, Xth World Sanskrit Conference,
Taralabalu Kendra, 3rd Main, 2nd Block, RT Nagar, Bangalore, India 560 032
Phones: 80-3430017 and 3332759; Fax: 3334541. The deadline for the
submission of titles and abstracts is 15 May 1996.
soni at


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