Bookstores in Madras?

levinesa at HUGSE1.HARVARD.EDU levinesa at HUGSE1.HARVARD.EDU
Tue Oct 17 03:19:16 UTC 1995

There is a terrific bookstore called //Giggles// which is nextdoor to the 
Connemara Hotel on the main drag in Madras. If they don't carry what you 
want, they will get it for you in a couple of hours. Sarah LeVine.

On Sun, 15 Oct 1995, Anand Venkt Raman wrote:

> > My wife and I will be going to Madras early next year. I would like to
> > purchase some sanskrit books while I'm there.
> > Brian Akers
> > sfauthor at
> There is in fact an indology bookshop near Shanti Vihar restaurant
> in Luz on the street leading into Vidya Mandir School, I forget the
> exact name of the street, but it is very easy to locate. That is
> where I bought my Sanskrit dictionary and several other books. They
> also stock many OUP titles.
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