Bookstores in Madras?

Sun Oct 15 06:46:25 UTC 1995

On Sat, 14 Oct 1995 Sfauthor at wrote:
> My wife and I will be going to Madras early next year. I would like to
> purchase some sanskrit books while I'm there.
> Brian Akers
> sfauthor at
Adyar library is alive and well. Motilal has a bookstore near Luz, Mylapore.
There is also Jayalakshmi Bookstore in APparswamikoil st. near Sanskrit
college, Madras also near Luz. There is also Kuppuswami Research Inst.
library in the college. 

I will be very happy to help you when you are in Madras. Please feel free
to contact me at any time. Regards.
Dr. S. Kalyanaraman tel. 91-44-4936288; fax. 91-44-4996380
email: mdsaaa48 at

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