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On Ayurveda

I don't know how much useful will be the following list of books
on ayurveda to those who already know so much about the ancient
Indian system of medicine. But for whatever is its worth I
reproduce here a list of books on ayurveda from Biblia Impex
catalogue (Oct. 1995) which may be of interest to some.

1. Astanga hrdayam of Vagbhatta, text, Eng. tr. notes [etc] by KR
Srikanta Murthy. 3 vols. Varanasi: Krishnadas Acad., 1995.

2. Cakradatta, text with Eng. tr. ... by  Priya Vrat Sharma.
Delhi: Chaukhamba Orientalia, 1994.

3. Cakradatta-Ratnaprabha ... with the comm. ... by Sri Niscala
Kara, ed. by P.V. Sharma. Jaipur: Swami Jayaramdas Ramprakash
Trust, 1993.

4. Cakradatta of Cakrapranidatta, with 'tattvacandraki'
explanations and annotations of Sri Sivadas Sen... Delhi:
Chaukhamba Orientalia, 1993.

5. Caraka samhita: Agnivesa's treatise ... redacted by Drdhabala
... and Eng. tr. by P.V. Sharma. 4 vols. Delhi: Chaukhamba
Orientalia, 1994.

6. Carakasamhita of Agnicesa with Auyervedadipika and
Jalpakalpataru comms of Sri Cakrapanidatta and Gangadhara ed. by
N.N. Sengupta. 5 vols. 2nd ed. repr. Varanasi: Vidya Vilasa
Press, 1990.

7. Carakasamhita of Agnivesa, Sanskrit text with a new English
tr. ... by Ram Karan Sharma and Bhagwan Dash. 3 vols. Varanasi:
Chowkhamba, 1988.

8. Encyclopaedia of Indian medicine, vol. 1-3 ed by S.K.
Ramchandra Rao. Bangalore: Kalpatharu Res. Acad., 1988 (to be
completed in 8 vols).

9. Frawley, David et al: The Yoga of herbs: an ayurvedic guide to
herbal medicine. Ist Indian ed. Delhi: Motilal, 1994.

10. History of Medicine in India from antiquity to 1000 AD, ed by
Priya Vrat Sharma. New Delhi, INSA, 1992.

11. Kirtikar, KR et al. Indian medicinal plants. 8 vols. reprint.
Dehra Dun: Bishan Singh, 1985.

12. Materia medica of ayurveda based on Mandanapala's nighantu by
Vaidya Bhagwan Das and Kanchan Gupta. New Delhi: B Jain Pub,

13. Nadkarni, KM, Indian materia medica with Ayurvedic, Unani,
Tibbi, Siddha [etc]... repr. Bombay: Popular, n.d.
14. Ranade, Subhash. Natural healing through ayurveda. Delhi:

15. Rasa-jala-nidhi or ocean of Indian chemistry, medicine and
alchemy, comp in Sanskrit with Eng tr by Bhudeb Mookerjee. 5
vols. Varanasi: Srigokul Mudranalaya, 1985.

16. Sengupta, Nagendranath. The ayurvedic system of medicine. 2
vols. NDelhi: Concept.

17. Susruta samhita of Sushruta with the Nibandhagrantha comm of
Shri Dalhanacarya, ed. by Jadavji Trikamji. repr. Varanasi:
Chaukhamba Surbharati, 1994.

18. Susrutta samhita ... Eng. tr. ... by Kunjalal Bhishagratna. 3
vols. Varanasi: Chowkhamba, 

19. Susruta-samhita: section on the study of human body, text
with English tr and comm by Dinkar Govind Thatte... 3 vols.
Delhi: Chaukhamba orientalia, 1994.

20. Susrutasamhita of Susruta ... ed by Jadavji Trikamji and
Narayan Ram. 4th ed. Delhi: Chaukhamba Orientalia, 1992.

21. Todarananda-ayurveda saukhyam series, ed. by Vaidya Bhagwan
Dash and Vaidya lalitesh Kashyap. NDelhi: Concept, 1988.
     vol. 1 Materia medica of ayurveda
     vol. 2 Basic principles of ayurveda
     vols 3-7 Diagnosis and treatment of diseases in ayurveda
     vol. 8 Five specialised therapies of ayurveda (panca-karma)
     vol. 9 Latro-chemistry of ayurveda.

Typographical mistakes may have occurred during key-boarding or during 
uploading of this file.

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