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On Tue, 10 Oct 1995, Jayandra Soni wrote:

> >Could anybody give me the email address or fax number of Prof. H.
> >Bechert and Prof. Ch. Lindtner ?
> >
> >Thank you.
> >
> >Raffaele Torella
> >
> >Raffaele Torella
> >ecc....
> >
>  Prof.Dr. H. Bechert, Seminar fuer Indologie und Buddhismuskunde,
> Hainbundstrasse 21, Goettingen, D-37085, phone: (0551)57068;
> Hermann-Foege-Weg 1a, Goettingen, D-37085, phone(0551)485765 (from "German
> Indology" compiled by Agnes Stache-Weiske, Munich 1988).
> Dr Christian Lindtner, University of Kopenhagen, Institute of Oriental
> Philology, Njalsgade 80, DK23 (?); Kobenhavn S. Denmark, Tovesvej 6 DK-2850
> Naerum (from the list of participants for the Jaina Coference in Toronto,
> January 1995).
> Dr. Chr. Lindtner has been dismissed from the University some years ago 
and has probably no e-mail address, but the above mentioned private 
address (Tovesvej 6 etc.) is, as far as I know, still valid

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Hello list members
Someone has given me a copy of an illustrated life of Mirabai to look at. 
The text seems to be based on the Bhaktamala and Bhaktirasabodhani texts and 
is accompanied by twenty miniatures of scenes from her life. 
My question is this. Has anyone else seen such a manuscript or know of the 
existence of any similar manuscripts?

Dr Peter G. Friedlander
Cataloguer of Hindi and Panjabi Manuscripts
Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine
183 Euston Road
London NW1 2BN
tel: 0171 611 8468
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