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This is the Library of Congress online record of the title, without 
diacritics or 
publication data (because at that time it was given on the printed 
catalog cards in the vernacular script only):

PK1730 .36 .N933 N3 (Orien Ben)
Sanyal, Sulekha, 1930-
282 p. 23 cm.

An examination of the book gets the following publisher, etc.:

Calcutta : Granthagara, 15/1/A Chandiwari St.
distributed by: National Book Agency, 12, Bankim Chatterjee St.

An examination of the current telephone book gives no entry for 
Granthagara but confirms the address for National Book Agency, and adds 
the postal zone Calcutta-73 and telephone 31-1432.

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> Could someone tell me who published Sulekha Sanyal's book Nabanker? The 
> mailing address would be a help too. thanks. 

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