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>I suppose, lexemes are not inventions but are based on meanings derived
>from usage in sentence or pithy epigraphs. Some languages of course
>boast of even poems.

But some lexemes are indeed inventions - that is precisely the problem. For
example many Sanskrit words were created on the basis of mistaken
backformations from Prakrit. In some cases the correct Sanskrit form was
not recognized; in others the Prakrit form did not derive from
Indo-European at all, but from languages of other  groups, some of which
are probably no longer extant.

Again, sometimes words are used erroneously. If this happens in a well-read
work, the error may find its way into the lexicographical literature and be

Sometimes words are simply invented for literary or other purposes.

Sometimes a copyist's error creates a new word or word meaning which is
subsequently repeated by others.

And so on.

Lance Cousins

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