Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at ucl.ac.uk
Fri Oct 6 11:11:17 UTC 1995

Dear Mr Raghavendra,

You do not agree with Mr Banerjee, and I understand that issues such as
those that have been raised do -- often with justification -- lead to
heated discussions and strong feelings.

However, the INDOLOGY group prides itself on its good manners and
scholarly conduct.  Your criticisms of the poster are insulting and
unacceptable in scholarly debate.  As is usual when emotional language
is used, we learn is a great deal about your angry feelings, but less
about the issue under discussion.

This type of exchange will not be tolerated in this discussion group.
If you (and others) are unable to discuss matters politely, INDOLOGY
will be closed down in its present form.

It is also important to keep the discussion focussed on the indological
issues for which the INDOLOGY service is provided.  I would remind all
members that these issues emphatically do not include contemporary

Dominik Wujastyk

Mr Ragavendra said:
>  This is an odious lie....
>  This lie calls into question everything that this author says, ...
>  Another lie, of course. ...
>  I have never heard of it till this author sprang it from his fertile mind.
>  This should once and for all nail the ignorant ranting of Mr Banerjee.
>  And this moral paragon passes judgment on  others' ethics ! ...
>  ... So what nonsense is Mr Banerjee spouting here ?
>  ... I have to wonder at the perversions of
>  Mr Banerjee's mind.


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