Hinduism and Buddhism/Jainism

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| ABOUT: Hinduism and Buddhism/Jainism
| Dear Colleagues:
| There seems to be a widely held perception that Buddhism and Jainism are 
| "off-shoots" of Hinduism and developed their own metaphyisics in reaction 
| to the Vedic tradition.  A colleague of mine holds this view very 
| strongly.  I tend to think that it is an erroneous way of reading the 
| history of Indian thought.  Both the Buddhist and the Jain traditions, 
| like other systems of Indian Philosophy seem to have their independent 
| sources of origin and have reacted to the Braahmana tradition.  They have 
| perhaps more in common with the Sramana and Vraatya traditions.  I hope 
| others would comment on this and clear some of the misreadings of the 
| history of Indian thought.

sorry, disagree.  both these sprang up in the context of a hindu
culture.  they all share many facets in common.  differences, true,
but, there are just as many differences between various sects that are
considered part of hinduism.  remember, gautama was a hindu prince.
in our town, the jains come to our hindu temple and worship beside us.
the spiritual men amongst all these traditions see more similarity
than difference.

aum aum

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