Q: URL addresses

David Magier magier at columbia.edu
Fri Oct 6 03:23:19 UTC 1995

> The old one is for the TITUS project on 
> historical linguistics. I've tried these addresses:
> 	http://www.rz.uni-frankfurt.de/home/ftp/pub/titus/public_html

I seem to have no trouble connecting to this adress. The server in
Frankfurt actually re-routes the connection to the new url (with
watson), so that your browser indicates that you're connected to the
latter (even though you typed in the former). When I directly type in
the 'watson' url, again, I have no difficulty connecting to this
Perhaps your network's connection to the Domain Name Serv er (DNS) was
down, and so failed to look up the numerical (IP) address for the
named host...

> The new address is the one for the Asian Studies Network Information 
> Center and for the SAGAR journal put out at the University of Texas at 
> Austin. The addresses I have for those are:
> 	http://asnic.utexas.edu/asnic.html
> and 
> 	http://asnic.utexas.edu/asnic/sagar/sagar.main.html

Again, I have no trouble connecting to these. Must be something wrong
with the nextwork or DNS connection at your end.

David Magier

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