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Thu Nov 30 08:43:34 UTC 1995

Why Biblia, Aditya Prakashan, and other fundamentalist publications when
there is a whole neighborhood full of bookshops and publishing houses named
College Street in Calcutta? In fact, in Bengali, the neighborhood is called
"Boi PaaRa" literally meaning neighborhood of books. The people are nice
and would walk an extra mile or two (literally) to fetch your book of

In late January and early February, there is also a two-week long book fair
in Calcutta that brings in hundreds of publishing houses and booksellers.
One might take advantage of that too. The Calcutta weather is pleasant
during that time.

A few other publishers/booksellers in Calcutta and Dhaka:

1. Parua, Akbaria Market, Bogura, Bangladesh;

2. Pathak Samabesh, 17/a Aziz Market, Shahbag, Dhaka, Bangladesh;

3. Ekushe,  13/1 Bankim chatterjee Street. Calcutta 700073.

4. University Publications, University of Calcutta, College Street,
Calcutta 700 073, India.


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