Address of Dr. Virginia M. Axline

aklujkar at aklujkar at
Thu Nov 30 21:18:37 UTC 1995

This query is directed particularly at those Indology members who live in
the United States, especially in the Ohio state area. 

At the request of an old professor of mine, I am trying to find out   the
precise address of Dr. Virginia M. Axline, author of Dibs in Search of
Self. According to the 52nd edition of this book published in 1990, Dr.
Axline "is engaged in private practice in Columbus, Ohio" and "is a member
of the faculty at Ohio State University."  My preliminary inquiries reveal
that Dr. Axline  is no longer at this address.  Does anyone know her
present whereabouts? 
With thanks and good wishes, ashok aklujkar


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