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Good morning listers,

as for 
> This is further to B. Kellner's comments. Her final piece of advice
>  "do not read anything into the text which is not there" cannot be
> stressed too strongly. The following comments wmay be relevant.
> (1) I think most of us would agree that there is such a thing as a
> `scientific translation.' It is one which aims at conveying the intent of
> the author as far as it has been reconstructed, AND NOTHING ELSE.  

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I want to remind, that it is only the TEXT we have, everything we say 
about the INTENT of the author is more than the text; we never can 
know the intent of the author, but deal with the meanings of the text.
The older the texts, the more dangerous it is to try to speculate 
with the intent/s of the author, especially when we have texts from 
the cultures from which so much is disappeared.

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