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Gary M Tartakov tart at
Wed Nov 29 21:22:00 UTC 1995

I am interested in Satyanad Kichenassamy's sugestion about scientific 

"I think most of us would agree that there is such a thing as a
`scientific translation.' It is one which aims at conveying the intent
the author as far as it has been reconstructed, AND NOTHING ELSE." 

This is a useful goal in a translation, but certainly one with very
possibility of success.  To render any ideas in language one must assume
the cultural world to which it refers.  Even in philosophy this leaves a

great deal implicit and so susceptable to interpolations that different 
translators will treat differently.  

Like objectivity in any descriptive discussion, scientific translation
definite usefulness as an ideal, but I don't think we should confuse 
selves by expecting that we can easily achieve such translation outside
the world of mathematics.

Gary Tartakov  

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