Request for comments: Informal extended abstract

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Tue Nov 28 15:56:32 UTC 1995

Anand Venkt Raman writes:
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: It is a novel and modern :-) solution to the problem Sankara faced
: when asked how a singular soul could undergo rebirth because of its
: actions towards other(?) souls.
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A much simpler and, certainly, a much more scientific and
rational solution is to realize that words like "soul", "karma",
"rebirth", "Atman", "Maya" etc. are vague/meaningless (and quite
irrelevant to anyone with more than a minimal knowledge of
physics and biology).  After all, no one has yet produced
scientific evidence for the existence of any of the above (and it
is unlikely that anyone ever will).

I have seen many Christian apologists make colossal fools of
themselves in their pathetic attempts to reconcile contradictions
in the bible.  There is no point or hope in trying to provide
justifications for falsehoods and irrational ideas.

I am sure that there are better ways to occupy one's brain cells
than attempt apologetics of totally flawed theories.

Please note that I am not saying that one should not study
Sankara's opinions.  However, I _am_ saying that one should not
attempt to "prove" him right, because he quite clearly was not.
All that can be objectively done is to discuss Sankara vis-a-vis
other philosophers holding equally muddled ideas.


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