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Thu Nov 23 10:35:44 UTC 1995

garzilli at HULAW1.HARVARD.EDU said:

> We know that Vyadi wrote a big work in a lack of granthas expounding 
> Panini;

I argue against this belief in the introduction to volume 2 of my
"Metarules of Paninian Grammar" (Groningen, 1993), pp.xxiv ff..  There
is no evidence linking any Vyadi with the legendary Sangraha until at
least six hundred years after its supposed existence, and I think that
the connection that Bhartrhari makes between Vyadi and a Sangraha is
probably due to his misunderstanding or misreading of the Mahabhasya, or
his excessive reliance on (oral?) traditions linking Vyadi with a
descendent of the Daksa family.

Dominik Wujastyk


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