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I am leaving for India tomorrow and will be back on December 25.  I am 
temporarily resigning from indology.

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Hello Indology subscribers, hello Leonard,

You wrote about "Sanskrit grammars":

> Reading through biographies of two Tibetans who had studied in Bihar and
> Nepal in the 1180s and 1190s, I came across titles of two Sanskrit
> grammars which, despite looking into the standard reference works,
> Scharfe, Cardona etc., I am not able to identify. The titles of the texts in
> question are given in the following Tibetan transcription (sans
> diacritics): Rajashri and Vyakaranalamkara. Is there anyone out there who
> could help me out in their identification? An anticipatory many thanks.
> Leonard W.J. van der Kuijp

Have a look into Pieter C. Verhagen: A history of Sanskrit grammatical  
literature in Tibet. Vol. 1. Leiden 1994, p. 202.

Verhagen points to Bu ston who mentioned Rajasri as an author of a  
grammatical treatise. Verhagen guesses that he - scil. Rajasri - may be  
identical with the author of the Manjusrivyakarana, a grammatical work to  
be found in the Tanjur (op.cit., p. 199 seq.).

He does not mention a Vyakaranalamkara in his index, neither did Aufrecht  
in his Catalogus Catalogorum (the New Catalogus Catalogorum has reached  
"P" so far I know).

A voluminous compendium on the history of vyakaranasastra is Yudhisthir  
Mimamsak's Vyakaran sastra ka itihas (or is it Samskrt vyakaran sastra ka  
itihas ? -- I have it not at hand). Besides fanciful datings for the older  
grammarians this work contains useful data for the later ones. Perhaps  
this may of some help for you. But I fear a comprehensive history of the  
later non-Paninian grammarians has still to be written.

Peter Wyzlic


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