Doniger O'Flaherty's translations

Francois Quiviger francois at
Mon Nov 20 15:19:45 UTC 1995

	As a newcomer to the field I have followed with interest the
discussion on Doniger O'Flaherty's translation of the *Rig-Veda* which has
been for me a basic means of access to this important text. I cannot judge
the accuracy of the translation but I do not see why the standards of
scholarly editions should not apply to so-called popular versions.  A good
translation can be read intensively and slowly, or simply browsed quickly. 
But more importantly while a scholarly edition is likely to be read and
scrutinised by informed specialists - and inspire at worse nasty
reviews in the scholarly press -  a popular paperback edition can spread 
mistaken views to a wide audience, with sometimes disastrous results. 
Thus the latter involves a far greater responsability which makes any 
excuse for inaccurracy and sloppiness sound very shallow indeed.

				Francois Quiviger


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