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Taxila Academy is a summer program in Indian Studies, set in Bangalore, 
and intended for students in high school and college. The program 
accommodates thirty-five students from North America, Europe and India. 
In 1996, the program will run from July 3 to August 11.

Taxila Academy is intended to provide students a structured introduction 
to present-day India through the framework of its indigenous learning. It 
provides an environment where students from around the world may explore 
India's knowledge systems.


Students at Taxila Academy choose two seminars from the following 
selection and then attend classes and do research in those fields. In 
addition, they participate in special lectures, performances and field 
trips. These experiences complement one another to generate questions and 
discussion, enabing students to gain deep insights into India's 
diverse problematics in a short time.


Epics and Mythology	Cinema and Society	Classical Music and Dance
Art and Architecture	Language Training	Literature and Theory


Postcolonial Politics	Bharatnatyam		Madras Region
Islam in India		Kathak			Sravana Belgola
Ecofeminism		Odissi			Nrityagram
Vijayanagar Archeology	Bhajan			Halebid, Belur
Indian Economy		Carnatic		Mysore
Colonial Architecture	Khayal			New Delhi
Sanskrit Literature	Quwalli			Agra


ARINDAM CHAKRABARTY is Professor of Philosophy at Delhi University. He is 
an authority on the Nyaya School of Indian Logic, as well as British 
Philosophy of Mind. On the program Professor Chakrabarty will teach music 
and ethics.

ANANYA VAJPEYI is a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford. She is the Academic 
Director of the program and is interseted in alternative education. She 
will teach literary history and linguistic approaches to culture.

KAPIL KAPOOR is Associate Professor at the Center for Linguistics and 
English at Jawaharlal Nehry University. Dr. Kapoor does research in 
Semiotics and teaches North Indian Languages and Poetics.

ADITI JAITLEY teaches Bharatnatyam at the Gandharva Mahavidyalaya. She 
has experimented with intercultural and multimedia performances and will 
teach dance, drama and their appreciation.

PRAHLADACARYA is Professor of Sanskrit at Bangalore University and 
Director of Bangalore's Purnaprajna Vidyapeetham. He is an authority on 
Vedanta and is interested in comparative educational methodology. 

ADITYA DEV SOOD is a Century Fellow at the University of ChicagoUs 
Department of South Asian Languages and Civilizations. He serves as 
Program Director and teaches Indian literature, art and architecture.


Taxila Academy is located on an aesthetically landscaped 29 acre campus 
in Whitefields, on the outskirts of Bangalore. Built in 1963, its modern 
facilities are surrounded by groves of coconut and palm. It has a ligrary 
of 11,000 volumes with extensive sections on Indian Literature, 
Religions, Philosophy, Art and Politics. It also has classrooms, a large 
auditorium, a dining hall and a sportsfield. 


Applications will be reviewed from January 15 through March 15, 1996, on 
a rolling basis. To ensure a place on the program please apply early.


For an application package and a brochure, please send your name address 
and phone number to:

5322 South Drexel Avenue, #1B
Chicago IL 60615.
Phonefax: (312) 643 5847

email: taxila at


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