Gold and mercury

John Dunne jdunne at
Fri Nov 17 16:02:22 UTC 1995

> If this reference in Dharmakiirti (to the refinement of gold with
> mercury) is something you'd like to pursue, please contact me next week
> after I return from the AAR. Or ask John Dunne, also at Harvard. He knows
< lots of mostly useless things. 
	It's nice to be appreciated.

	By the way, Richard is referring to _Pramaa.navaartika_, 
Pramaa.nasiddhiparicchedam v, 85. The penetration of gold by mercury is 
cited as an example for the position that aggregated matter is not 
necessarily impermeable. I suspect that the commentator Devendrabuddhi 
may have more to say on this issue, but since I am also on my way to the 
AAR, I cannot check the reference. Let me know if I can help you upon my 
return next week.

John Dunne
Study of Religion
Harvard University


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