A riddle

RAH hueckst at cc.UManitoba.CA
Thu Nov 16 21:15:08 UTC 1995

Being a university professor is one of the few jobs, at least as far as I 
am aware, in which one is expected to be involved in some sort of 
"community service". Not many people from the community have been banging 
on my door for my help, but someone recently has. An acquaintance of mine 
has been given a verse to memorize and repeat. (By whom and why I don't 
know. Maybe something to do with the Iyengar school of yoga.) Being 
curious, she asked me if I would tell her how to pronounce it properly 
and what it means. The following is what she gave me. I haven't 
completely figured it out yet (and frankly, I'm now stuck), but I thought 
some of you may be interested in trying to figure it out for yourselves. 
It's sort of like editing a corrupt manuscript. I would offer a prize, 
but the garage just called me and said my car needed $1400  in repairs.
I'm trying to cheer myself up.

Here's the verse, just as I was given it:

	Om Tryambakam
		Yejama Hai
	Sugandhim pushti
	Urva rukumiva
	mrityor mukshiya

Have fun,
Bob Hueckstedt

Robert A. Hueckstedt, Associate Professor of Indic Languages
Asian Studies Centre, 328 Fletcher Argue, University of Manitoba
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