FONTS in our FTP archive!

Enrica Garzilli garzilli at
Thu Nov 16 01:42:58 UTC 1995

Fonts such as the Washington Indic Times and other TrueTipe and Tipe1 fonts 
for Devanagari are available from our FTP server:
We have written Indexes of all the files in html format, so that you can 
browse through the contents of our FTP archives and download files with your 
www client.

Our site is connected to the Internet with two T1 lines: downloads are 
very fast.

You can read a Guide on how to connect to our FTP server and download 
files, and a Guide on how to redefine your keyboard for Devanagari fonts 
in Winword in the next issue of the International Journal of Tantric 
Studies (, Computer Space, written by 
Arch. L. Magnocavallo.
The IJTS will be published for our Members tonight. 
It will be published in our WWW pages in a few days.  

Dott. Enrica Garzilli
Editor-in-Chief, IJTS

"Sometimes I sit and think: why these people hate us so bad? I chalk it up 
to two things: jealously and plain ignorance!" 


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