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David Magier magier at
Wed Nov 8 20:58:45 UTC 1995

Does anyone have any knowledge of the book listed below, and, in
particular, whether a copy fo same exists in North America? I found the
citation a number of years ago in a catalog of publications available
from Japan Publications, but when I tried to order it from them, it was
out of stock. Any help appreciated.  Thanks. 
David Magier
magier at

Catalogue of the Sanscrit manuscripts brought from Central Asia by Paul
   Pelliot, preserved in the Bibliotheque National. Edited by Taijun
   Inokuchi, in collaboration with Takashi Irisawa, et al.
   Kyoto, Japan : Ryukoku University, Institute of Buddhist Cultural
   Studies, 1989.
  490 p.

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