Anglo-Indian Literature

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Fri Nov 3 04:22:47 UTC 1995

One of the earliest works on the subject (i.e., India in English/American
literatures) is that of E.F. Oaten's _Anglo-Indian Literature_ (London: 
K.Paul, Trench, 1908). This work was updated in Bhupal Singh's _A Survey
of Anglo-Indian Literature_ (London: Oxford Univ. Press, 1934) which was
author's doctoral dissertation at Oxford. 

As far as Indo-Anglian litrature is concerned (i.e., literary writings of 
Indians in English), pioneering work was done by K.R. Srinivasa Iyengar. 
See, for example, author's:
- Indo-Anglian literature (Bombay: PEN Books, 1943)
- Indian contribution to English literature (Bombay: Karnatak Publishing 
    House, 1945); and
- Indian Writing in English (Bombay: Asia Publishing House, 1945).

See also:

Dorothy Spencer's _Indian Fiction in English: an annotated Bibliography_
(Philadelphia: Univ. of Penn Press, 1960).


Sushil Jain's _Indian literature in English: a bibliography_ 1967.

These works have now been superceded by Singh's bibliography on the 
subject, published by Gale of Detroit.


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