E-mail Address of Peter Schreiner.

francois.voegeli at orient.unil.ch francois.voegeli at orient.unil.ch
Wed Nov 1 18:15:07 UTC 1995

        Dear colleage,
        The e-mail address of Peter Schreiner is the following

                pesch at indoger.unizh.ch
        Try to reach him there but I heard that he was on a 1 year academic
leave. Good luck.
        Francois Voegeli

>Does anyone have the e-mail address of Peter Schreiner of die Abteilung
>fuer Indologie, or das Indologisches Seminar, in Zuerich, Switzerland? Or
>know if he has one?
>Anshuman Pandey

Bunei OTOKAWA (Universit\'{e} de Lausanne)


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