Geldner's RV in English?-- no!

garzilli at HULAW1.HARVARD.EDU garzilli at HULAW1.HARVARD.EDU
Wed Nov 1 19:05:03 UTC 1995

> I do not think it is a good idea to get Geldner translated into English. As
> far as I know, Stanley Insler has long been preparing a complete new
> English translation of the Rgveda. He is the man to do this translation.
> Stanley's problem, if I have understood him correctly, is to find time from
> other duties to complete this very important undertaking.
> Asko Parpola

Any good translator into any language should take into account
all the previous translations, especially if they are good (and above all 
when the languages involved are German and English).  
I am sure that Insler, knowing also Italian (very well, BTW:)), will also 
read and consider the good Italian translation of some hymns of:

V. Papesso, Inni del Rg Veda, Roma, Astrolabio, 1979.


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