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Sat May 27 05:53:16 UTC 1995

>Further to your message:
>you mentioned that you will be bringing this list online 'possibly as a
>web page' via Hiroshima sometime this summer. Allow me to offer the
>South Asia Gopher (and the "South Asia Gopher/Web") here at Columbia as
>an alternative or mirror site, to reduce the load on the Hiroshima
>server. (If the ftp archive of Prof. Tokunaga's Mahabharata files is
>any indication, those of us in North America will find the Hiroshima
>server a very slow link, perhaps too slow for us to use effectively for
>a web page. So a North American mirror site might be a good idea). What
>do you think of this proposal?

 A great idea, indeed. (Although I myself have no speed problems with North
American Web-sites) I will come back to you once the Hiroshima-efforts have
yielded results.

Thanks a lot, 

Birgit Kellner
Institute for Indian Philosophy
University of Hiroshima


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