reference to Hindu Gods

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Thu May 25 15:30:42 UTC 1995

/ FROM:  Suresh Madhu <WPI.EDU!suresh at ucsd.UUCP>, May 25 14:56 1995
| ABOUT: reference to Hindu Gods
| Hello,
| I was given information that everyday of the week is linked to a
| particular Hindu God. Does anyone have more information regarding this
| reference? Does any such reference exist?
| I would really appreciate it if someone could point me to sources for
| such information.
| Thanks in advance,
| -Suresh
\ END: Suresh Madhu


ah, somewhere i have this info, not sure where at the moment.  as
i recall, its embedded in the source code for a program i wrote to
determine the kalas (time periods) for san diego local time.  the
kala periods re-occur, as i recall, on a weekly cycle exactly because
each day of the week is linked to a particular planet  (eg, rahu
kala is always bout noon on wednesday), and in turn, each planet
is linked to a hindu god, so that would give you the correspondence.
each planet is also representative of a chakra.  if no one else
comes up with it shortly, i'll dig it up for you.  or ask one of
my jotish friends.


oh, ps, aside from the planetary link, there may be other reasons,
differing with local customs.  for example, siva's day is monday
in the north, but friday in the south of india.

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