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> forward.  I would be more than happy to have my classes read comic books
> which use material drawn from the Mahaabhaarata, etc. but how I can purchase
> them?  Where does my university bookstore write to get them and where can I
> get catalogues of them?  I saw these comics when I was in India and have
> often heard of the Indonesian ones which continue the Ramaayaana, but how
> can I get aholt of enough copies to teach a class?
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> Robin Kornman
RE: Indian Classics in Comic book format

The following may be of interest to you:

1. _A Treasury of Indian Illustrated Classics_ (English tr. of _Amar 
Chitra Katha_) in three + volumes. Published by IBH Education Trust, 
Bombay. In Colour.

Vol. 1 includes: Krishna, Shakuntala, the Pandava princes, Savitri, Rama, 
Nala Damayanti, Harishchandra, the sons of Rama, Hanuman, and Mahabharata.

Vol. 2 includes: Chanakya, Buddha, Shivaji, Rana Pratap, Prithviraj 
Chauhan, Karna, Kacha Devayani, Vikramaditya, Shiva Parvati, and Vasavadatta.

Vol. 3 includes: Sudama, Guru Gobind Singh, Harsha, Bheeshma, Abhimanyu. 
Mirabai, Ashoka, Prahlad, Panchatantra, and Tanaji.

2. _Tales from Indian Classics_ 3+ vols. published by Children's Book Trust.

Vol 1; Ganatpati, the House of Lac, Bakasura, Drapudi's Swayamwara, Bhima 
and Hanuman, Cousins and enemies. Vol. 2: Bhasmasura, Vali and Ravana, 
Kaliyan, Satya's marriage, Syamantakam, and Gyan. Vol. 3: Kacha and 
Devayani, Banasura, Arjuna and the Kirata, Vishvamitra, Sundan and 
Upasundan, and king Shibi.

3. _Legends from Indian history_ Children's Book Trust.
Contents: the tale of a republic, a prince's revenge, Yasodharman, 
Prthviraj Chauhan, The qazi judgement, and the Story of Goh.

4. Sons of Pandu_ by Mathuram Bhoothalingam. A Dolton Publication. 

5. Children's Ramayana retold by M. bhoothalingam. Publications Division 
(govt. of India).

6. The Children's Mahabharata. by Shanta rameshwar Rao. Orient Longmans.

hope this is of interest to you.

<Sushil Jain>


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