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Robin Kornman rkornman at pucc.Princeton.EDU
Tue May 23 12:50:23 UTC 1995

Re: the Puraa.na_

>This said, if you nevertheless want to tackle the PuraaNas, I would
>recommend the ViSNu rather than the Matsya, as being probably the least
>disappointing to the western layman in terms both of structure and of
>contents in the whole range of PuraaNas. A very enjoyable translation by
>H. H. Wilson is available in beautiful old-fashioned English, with
>copious notes.

You know what? Emerson cites this in his essay on Plato!!! I'm
going to get H.H. Wilson's translation, but I would very much like to know
which one Emerson read, as well. 

Robin Kornman

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