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mchari at mchari at
Mon May 22 13:18:32 UTC 1995

Dear Dr. Ganesan,
Greetings to you. I have the distinct impression that
you must be annoyed with me for missing the last meeting.
We have a guest from India whom we are showing around places
in Texas. Last Saturday we drove to San Antonio and due to
circumstances we could return only in the early hours of Sunday.
Hence I could not make it to the meeting that you had so kindly
invited me to. I regret very much not attending it. I have seen 
the flyer and am so excited that you have also scheduled a lecture
by Dr. Nagaswami. I met Shri Nagan Srinivasan during the Chitra
Visweswaran program. He had asked me to oversee the getting together
of the plaques for the performers. Please confirm whether this is
really so. I would be more than happy to do so. There is a trophy
shop near us where I get all the plaques for my wife's school and
he is reliable and prompt. The plaques for the Visweswaran show were
made there.
Best regards,

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