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Wed May 17 20:54:19 UTC 1995

Narahari Rao writes (5/17/95) to suggest that my earlier reference to the
Sarvasiddhantasamgraha was a slip and that what I perhaps intended was the
Sarvadarsanasamgraha.  Since I received a private posting suggesting much
the same, it may be worth reprinting my reply:

No, I am referring to the Sarvasiddhantasamgraha (also known as the
Sarvadarsanasiddhantasamgraha), ed. by Prem Sundar Bose, Calcutta 1929. A
brief extract (translated by Bose) dealing with the Carvaka is reprinted in
S.Radhakrishnan & C.A.Moore (eds.), A Source Book in Indian Philosophy
(Princeton, 1957), pp.234-5.  For further bibliographic references see K.H.
Potter, Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies: Volume 1, Bibliography, 2nd
revised ed., (Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 1983), pp.151,378. However, as I
indicated, the traditional ascription to Samkara is very probably spurious.

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