"Valkal" in Skanda Purana

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Wed May 17 18:54:15 UTC 1995

My understanding is that in the Skanda Purana, Adishesha predicts that
in the future Shiva's cave temple, which was explored by King
Rituparna, would be rediscovered by "Valkal" or "Valkala."  Some of
you have been kind enough to tell me that this word means a garment
made from the bark of a tree.  In the context of this Purana, does
this word mean that the rediscoverer of the cave would be a person
wearing such a garment?  Or is "Valkal" perhaps the proper name of the
rediscoverer?  Does the Purana also state that the rediscoverer would
be a soldier?

Any help will be appreciated.

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