IASTAM conference

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at ucl.ac.uk
Sun May 14 20:32:21 UTC 1995

>  On 27.4.95 Darshan Shankar (Director FRLHT) wrote that
>  Vaidya Ram Manohar (Senior Res. Fellow, FRLHT) is proposing to
>  come to the IASTAM conference, London, 16-17.11.95.
>  Does anybody have more information on the above mentioned 
>  IASTAM conference (e.g. participants, venue, address of the
>  organizing committee)?
>  What does FRLHT stand for?

Foundation for the Revitalization of Local Health Traditions -- FRLHT -- is a
Bangalore-based organization with international aid funding whose aims
include preserving areas of special medical value due to the biodiversity
of medicinal plants; promotion and support of traditional medical systems
in India, and the scientific evaluation of Ayurveda and other local health

The next meeting of IASTAM (International Association for the Study
of Traditional Asian Medicine) will be held at the Wellcome Institute,
London, in November this year.  The title of the meeting is "Traditional
Asian Medicine in the Modern World" and it  the local organizers are
myself and Larry Conrad (Lect. Islamic Medicine, WIHM).  Invited speakers
will talk on Chinese, Indian, and Islamic traditions.  A fuller timetable
will be posted to INDOLOGY soon.


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