e-text of Arthazaastra available

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at ucl.ac.uk
Sun May 14 08:52:16 UTC 1995

Michio Yano and his colleagues have made yet another Sanskrit text 
available in machine-readable form: 
> I have put the e-text of KauTilya's Arthazaastra
> at the ftp site of my university: 
> ccftp.kyoto-su.ac.jp.
> You can ftp it by anonymous login.
> The file is located at the directory:
> pub/doc/sanskrit/dharmas
> by the name kaz.dhz.Z

Many thanks, Michio, and please pass my gratitude to the team who prepared 
this text.

I have made copies of this version of the Arthasastra, as well as the 
Brhatsamhita, at the London site ftp.bcc.ac.uk:ftp/pub/users/ucgadkw/indology.
These copies are the same texts, but zipped instead of compressed.


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