Theosophy and the Colonel

Aditya, The Hindu Skeptic a018967t at
Fri May 12 01:16:34 UTC 1995

There is a very remarkable article in the Smithsonian Magazine (5/95) p.111
detailing the birth of theosophy and how such important figures as 
Mahatama Gandhi and Dayanand (Founder of Arya Samaj) were duped into the  
game played by Madam  Blavatsky.
It reminds me of the game played by Sai Baba who was finally caught red 
handed by a TV cameraman.
I was waiting for some one else to discuss such an important issue but it 
seems that it has missed the desired audience.
I wish I could post the entire article but it is too long for me to type.
Please get hold of the magazine and post your responses.

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