Rig Veda

Mon May 8 21:25:36 UTC 1995

        I know that in principle new book announcements are frowned upon
here, but I thought the following of sufficient interest to the direct
audience of this list to mention.  A few days ago I received a catalogue
from Harvard UP, in which is announced:

_Rig Veda: A Metrically Restored Text with an Introduction and Notes_, by
Barend van Nooten and Gary Holland.  ISBN  0-674-76971-6.  685pp, $50.00.
Harvard Oriental Series 50

        Since it is not my turf at all, I wrote to Prof. Witzel about this,
suggesting that he announce it on this list.  He urged me instead to do so,
and noted:

"It contains a disk with the samhita and the metrical text, and useful
search programs."

        He then suggested:

"Perhaps you could add : " on inquiry with Witzel I learned that this will
be announced, together with other news, in the new electronic Vedic
Journal (ejvs-list at husc.harvard.edu) within a week or so."

        I have yet not seen the work, but assume that it is one that will
be of deep interest to many members of this list.  The advertisement notes
that the text is in Roman letters, and "in its original metrical
arrangement and in a form that most closely approximates the pronounciation
of the time of its original composition."

Jonathan Silk


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