Sid Harth BAKULA at
Mon May 1 22:57:14 UTC 1995

On  1-MAY-1995 09:47:49.7 jwg2 said to BAKULA
   > Dear Sid harth:
   > I rtead your correspondence after I had read Fran's and had
   > responded to her as below, which might interest you. The Scanropm
   >people said that they woiuld eventually come up with a Mac disc, but
   >agreed in the meantime that i could try conversion if I could access
   >the fonts. Since many if not most of us with special South Asia
   >language interests use Macs, it would be good to have them in that
   >format. Thanks for your message; it gives me some hope.
   > James W. Gair
   > Dear Fran: I called Scanrom about the fonts. They have them only on
   >CD for Windows (also for DOS?). However,, the person I spoke to
   >thought that I could access that CD on my Mac, if only to get fonts in
   >there for conversion...I actually orderd a CD to see, but it hasn't
   >come yet though they said a week. Windows fonts are of course useless
   >to us Mac types, but I can try to convert at least Trutype Windows to
   >Mac if the preparatory steps go OK. Some Postscript fonts do not
   >convert, or at least I havn't been able to manage it for the Hart
   >tamil font that I downloaded from the net, despite several calls to
   >the software people. I'll let you know if i have any better luck with
   >this one...Jim Gair

     I have, after careful checking, found more unsurmountable problems. I
have written to the publishers. I received a phone call from them while I
was away. At this stage I would recommend the Indology members to exercise
patience. Like any other much touted software launches, this may have more
than a few bugs. I have downgraded my earlier product grade from A+ to C-.

Sid (Red faced) Harth


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