Sources for understanding MAYA

Peter D Banos pdb1 at
Mon Mar 27 19:38:50 UTC 1995

On Sun, 26 Mar 1995, micki wrote:

> wunnerful, wunnerful, wunnerful (I sound like Lawrence Welk,
> don't I?  I'm not.  not to worry.  I'll pass on all to Maggie
> many, many thanks.

Is this perhaps another of those personal messages that get posted to the 
list by mistake, or am I missing something????
> Also, I have been given a chunk of smoked artic char and it is
> magnificent!  Shall I bring it??   If you don't know of what I
> mean, think the finest smoked salmon ever and then some...this
> has been prepared by Inuit.  (does your vegetarianism include fish?)

_I_ am not a vegetarian; you may bring me smoked salmon anytime!!!!

						-Peter D. Banos
						pdb1 at

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