Yuri Ishii 40lad002 at
Wed Mar 22 17:45:46 UTC 1995

Dear Members of Indology

This is to inquire about the whereabouts of the text
 " Adbhuta-Saagara of Ballaalasena" 
(ed. by Murthidhar Jha,	Prabhakari & c., Banaras, 1905)

I'm a graduate student studying in ancient Indian omens and 
Before, I let a librarian check up if any domestic and abroad 
libraries owned that text, but I couldn't know any informations.

If you know the whereabouts of that text, I would be grateful to you 
for letting me know a library or laboratory which possesses it.
I want to borrow that book by following the necessary procedures 
through the library of my Univ.

Thank you for your assistance with me
					Yuri Ishii
					40lad002 at


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