Sanskrit *apud* Classics again...and Hindi??

purushottama bilimoria pbilmo at
Thu Mar 16 06:26:12 UTC 1995

In Australia, Sanskrit is still taught in a minor way at the Australian 
National University (even though the great Sanskrit scholars have all 
retired and not been replaced, e.g. Professors de Jong, Rajapatirana, and 
others). Hindi is also taught there, by Richard Barz and Yogendra Yadav.

Sanskrit is taught at La Trobe University (a major sequence within Asian 
Languages); and jointly between Monash and Deakin Universities in Melbourne.

The University of Sydney is keeping a small Sanskrit class going as part 
of the effort to revive courses in Indian studies/thought and culture. 
But we are dying breed here, as the government and educational resource 
providers look to South-east Asia for pragmatic/political gains and to 
India or South Asia only for professional and market-driven 
opportunities. Still, the legacy of the old Sanskritists and Indologists 
and the success of the IXth World Sanskrit Conference has meant that the 
devabhaas.aa will not vanish overnight.

Purushottama Bilimoria


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