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Robin Kornman rkornman at pucc.Princeton.EDU
Tue Mar 14 04:44:28 UTC 1995

I wrote a dissertation using a combination of Classical Western languages
and Asian languages. I have found it very difficult to market myself. But
that's no reason to stop trying. I feel that if you want to span East and
West, you should be willing to put up with a longer, harder job hunt than
ordinary scholars. 

>Indology subscribers,
>        I was referred to this list by someone responding to the following
>question which I posted on the CLASSICS list from U. of Washington:
>        Currently I am a fourth-year graduate student studying Sanskrit. I am
>considering possibly writing a dissertation including both Greek and Sanskrit
>or Latin and Sanskrit. Some of those with whom I have spoken about this suggest
>to me that there are few positions available in general for Sanskrit, and that
>attempting to market a dissertation combining *two* languages is just about
>        Would anyone here be willing to shed light on this? Where is Sanskrit
>taught? Is it really a dry well out there as I have been told? Any insights
>would be greatly appreciated.
>        My apologies if this is the wrong forum for this question. I am doing
>this at someone else's suggestion.
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