Sanskrit *apud* Classics again...and Hindi??

Nicholas Sterling ST403456 at
Tue Mar 14 00:19:15 UTC 1995

Sanskrit and Hindi proponents:
       I am pleased about the response I have received for my inquiry about
where Sanskrit is taught.

       I'd like to add two related inquires: (1) Are there many Classics
Department with Greek and Latin in which Sanskrit is also taught? If so, will
there be any posts available in a few years? (2) Are there places where Hindi
is taught as well as Sanskrit? (not necessarily in a Classics Department,
though if there be any Classics Departments which support Hindi, by all means
let me know about them!)

       Again, I hope this is an appropriate forum in which to discuss this

       Thanks for the prior responses. If anyone has further insight, keep 'em

Nicholas Sterling

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